Original data makes B2B sexy

Publishing original research reports is one of the staples of thought leadership marketing. We created a series of surveys for Dooly, which served dual purposes: bring in new leads and gather useful data for a popular research report.

State of Sales Productivity 2022

Thought Leadership Content for Dooly

Launched a Thought Leadership motion, creating original content with the CEO and the VP of Revenue. Conducted bi-weekly recorded interviews that were turned into:

+ One long form blog
+ Podcast episode
+ Captioned video clips for social
+ Personalized text LinkedIn posts


SEO Strategy for Vengreso

Conducted a full SEO strategy, starting with a content audit of more than 4.5k blog articles. After a massive clean-up and restructuring, I developed (along with the CEO) a strategy around 12 pillar topics and executed the strategy with my team. As a result, we:

+ Increased website traffic 5x in 7 months
+ Positioned top 50 keywords on page #1 of Google