Case Study: Dooly’s Quizzes

Data-driven content with original research

Thought Leadership Marketing is about genuine credibility, not hacks or gimmicks. That’s why the best way to create valuable content that is more likely to get lots of backlinks is through original data or research.


Generate Qualified Leads (short term)

Build thought leadership content (long term)

The Plan


We suggested to the marketing leadership at Dooly to create a scorecard on sales productivity to collect data, leads, and later publish the results.

Creation and Testing

  • Designed a 20-question quiz about the daily habits of salespeople
  • Tested the quiz with the sales team at Dooly and refined it with their feedback
  • Created a results page with valuable information and a free report that Dooly had already created
  • Tested the quiz with a larger sample through a sponsored newsletter and received about a hundred submissions
  • Asked the BDRs at Dooly to follow up with the leads and gather feedback about what they thought about the quiz
  • Incorporated the feedback into the quiz


  • Created a nurture email sequence
  • Promoted the quiz through social media, banner CTAs, exit intent pop ups, dedicated email blasts and asked partners to promote

Report with the Data

  • When we surpassed 500 respondents, I exported the data from the Scoreapp and along with the insights in the app analyzed the results
  • Wrote a report summarizing the findings and adding recommendations for improving productivity
  • The designer at Dooly created a gorgeous landing page with the results
  • Promoted the report through all the channels with two CTAs — one to try Dooly (which makes reps more productive) and another one to take the quiz

Dooly Results


New Leads

We created two additional scorecards that have brought more than a thousand leads in one quarter.



Leads turned into opps, including a large enterprise deal (ongoing).

The scorecard has become a critical wedge in our strategy. It’s a survey that respondents actually get value from. This has proved a powerful flywheel for our content engine.”
Camille Trent, Head of Content
State of Sales Productivity 2022